Michigan’s Blue Heron
One of the Most Photographed Birds in Michigan 

The Michigan Blue Heron is often photographed as a silhouette, as a main foreground photographic subject, artist painted rendition, residential signage or photographed and submitted as contest entries.  The Michigan Blue Heron in one of the most prolific photographed birds in Michigan, this rather large bird is seen in many Michigan Metro Parks, State Parks, open wetlands, farmlands, near rivers, lakes, even an occasional roadside spotting.


Keen Eyesight and the Michigan Blue Heron – Eye of the Heron

Not much is written about the keen eyesight of the Blue Heron.  However, on rare occasions, during my many years of bird observation, I once noticed  a Blue Heron staring almost straight up looking up into the what appeared to be an empty clear blue sky.  I knew the Blue Heron had to be watching something so I really focused and low and behold, their was in fact the tiniest black dot gliding upon the thermal drafts.  I aimed and looked through my 400mm lens and sure enough it was a Michigan Bald Eagle soaring high above.  If I may guess, I think that the eagle was at least a mile high in the sky; it was only a dot to the naked human eye. Much is written about the eagle’s keen eyesight, but after observing the Blue Heron, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is almost equal in bird vision.


Vigilance and the Great Blue Heron

Another trait I’ve noticed about the Blue Heron is it’s vigilance.  This bird will fly in, land and remain stationary almost motionless for several minutes. The Blue Heron will observe everything in it’s immediate area just to be sure that no predators are lurking about.  Only after safety is confirmed does the Blue Heron start it’s traditional fishing routine.


Michigan Blue Heron

Michigan Blue Heron – Keen EyeSight


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