Michigan Belted KingFisher – The Michigan Blue Streak

Megaceryle Alcyon 

The Belted Michigan KingFisher  – Blue Streak Michigan is an elusive bird. The Belted KingFisher is swift in flight, quick on aerial maneuvers and one of the most fascinating and entertaining birds to watch when catching fish. When the KingFisher fish, it power dives downward from a high branch plunge and submerge itself under water to  quickly emerge from the water’s depth with a small fish in it’s large elongated beak.

The Belted KingFisher is a most peculiar looking bird. With a rather extended long protruding beak and large head sporting its trademarked Don King looking hair style, and almost miniature feet, the King Fisher is easily distinquished from other birds of similar size and blue color.  Despite these peculiarities, the KingFIsher has a lot of lessons we can learn about our own life and nature.


Belted KingFisher Michigan
Belted KingFisher Michigan – True Blue


Thereafter, the Michigan KingFisher quickly darts to a nearby branch where it then proceeds to harshly thrash the small prey against the branch multiple times;  swinging it’s head back and forth, back and forth, beating the small prey into unconsciousness.


Belted KingFisher Michigan
Belted KingFisher Michigan


Michigan KingFisher – Blue Streak of Michigan
It is also interesting to watch the Belted KingFisher when a pair of the birds are often seen conducting a chase routine with another companion KingFisher.  The birds can be seen flying close, just barely skimming the water’s surface looking like a blue streak.  I thought it appropriate to give this Michigan bird the sub-title of… Blue Streak of Michigan. Nature Photography – Michigan Birds


Michigan Belted KingFisher


Blue Angel – Keen Eyesight and Observation
The Belted KingFisher is one of those birds I have concluded posses both keen eyesight and a detailed observation.  I must already be in position and remain motionless for an extended period of time. A small move will cause the KingFisher to causally move on to a further branch off in the distance.  Interestingly, the KingFisher does not react in a panic once my present has been discovered like the Blue Heron or White Egret might over react in a near panic.  No, not the Belted KingFisher, the Belted KingFisher will make it’s departure appear as natural as possible.


Michigan Belted KingFisher


About the Kingfisher
Nature Photography – Michigan Bird Identification
Photo Taken: Michigan Wetland
Name: Black Crowned Night Heron

Order: Ciconiiformes
Family: Alcedindae

The Michigan Kingfisher is a 8-10 inch short stumpy bird with a distinguished wild hairdo cap of feathers located on top of its head or crown.

Color is top dark evening blue, underside white or silverish, female color is similar to the male which ports a reddish burgundy band across the chest.

Flight Characteristics:
Smooth to flickering wing beats, several flaps then pause that produce a smooth sustained glide in flight. The Kingfisher is a swift flier.

The Michigan Kingfisher prefers brushy dense thickets located in grasslands, flying from tree to tree along the edge of lake shores and wetlands.

Kingfisher constructs their nests by tunneling burrows several feet into the earth horizontally along the edge or end banks of wetlands.  Nests are located in the ground, sometimes hidden by trees or shrubs.

Incubates 3-7 pale white eggs for appx 21-26 days.

Mating Habits: The Kingfishers are monogamous during the mating year.

Feeding: Amphibians and fish.

Call: Series of rapid piercing loud rattled-pitched screeching.

Lessons From Nature
We can learn how not to be over dramatic in our reactions when we disagree or disapprove of someone or something by watching how the KingFisher casually responds to uninvited inhabitants that they disapprove of in their domain. Nature Photography Therapy for the Soul


The KingFisher can be spotted openly at Kensington Metro Park, Erie Metro Park and an abundant of wetlands.

nature photography - michigan

Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan
Photography that is Therapy for the Soul 

Birds Photography Night Heron
Birds Photography Night Heron

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