Nature Photography – Michigan Belted KingFisher – The Blue Streaker

Megaceryle Alcyon – to grieve

Every Michigander should make seeing a Belted KingFisher in action a 2013 commitment.  Observing their fishing activity is both therapeutic and interesting to watch.  Firstly, the KingFisher quickly sends out a rapid machine gun like voice (KingFisher Call) to signal its arrival. After landing on a protruding strategically located tree branch, the King Fisher is now ready to dive for underwater prey. See Michigan Belted KingFisher photos here.  Flickr – Michigan Bird photos King Fisher here.

Michigan – Blue Waters, Blue Birds – The Great Blue State


Belted KingFisher Michigan

Belted KingFisher Michigan

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nature photography - michigan



Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan
Photography that is Therapy for the Soul 

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