assed1000 Shades of Autumn

1000 Shades of 1ooo Colors

1000 Shades of Autumn – Trees the stretch upward to the sky, in the northern regions, in the hidden forest of Jimme’, they sit atop a high hill, marking the forest outlying northern parameter. It is a long range of trees that have held strong their covenant with their creator. These trees, have not replaced their sustenance with man for God; they have no mediator—as man has allowed other men to become the mediator between them and God. These set of renowned trees burst into brilliance at the arrival of the fall season. Their vividness is a testament to their satisfaction with “The One” also known—amongst the prophetic travelers who wander through this magical land of Jimme’ —as… “The DayStar.

1000 Shades of Color

Michigan Fall Colors – Photo by Ike Austin

Michigan’s fall season will go Boom with “many trees in many shades of color.” Colors of Heartfelt Summer Orange, Cora Bells Orange, Bright Burnt Orange; Orange leaves in every complexion, orange leaves in every iridescence.

Welcome to the colors of fall. The many shades of leaf colors upon millions of trunks of trees, will gently sway and catch you attention with the slightest summer breeze; dark flavors of bronze, or variegated shades of yellows, multiple color tones of tangerine-gold.

From August through September, you can view many shades of fall among the huge spectacle of the Trees of Autumn Fall Colors in Michigan.

The giant tall trees called “the green wall” of flaming leaves of Jimme’, ever burning; but, are not consumed. The height and breadth of their magnificent beauty, hold captive the mind. Columns if color, each leaf of brilliance represent a member of FirstSons the Undeceived. Those are they who have not fallen by deceit, who have not chosen “lack of knowledge” as their daily bread. They are those who have p through fire and are hardened to stand against all that have stood in their way.

Autumn Fall Colors

Autumn Fall Colors


Autumn Leaves Colors

Autumn Leaves Colors


Michigan Fall Fog Colors - Photo by Ike Austin

Michigan Fall Fog Colors – Photo by Ike Austin


Michigan’s White Winter Wetlands Covered in Snow. Ike Austin – Photography that is therapy for the soul   “Michigan White” –  Winter Wetlands Covered in Snow White skies, white trees, white bark, white branches, white bush, white shrubs, white cattails, white grasses, white woody plants… More Checkout Michigan’s White Winter Wetland


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