Black Crowned Night Heron

Print Title: I Can Make It!

Juvenile Night Heron I Can Make It - Photo by Ike Austin

Juvenile Night Heron I Can Make It – Photo by Ike Austin 2011

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Black Crowned Night Heron Photo — I Can Make It!

In my many solitary morning excursions into the hidden forest of Jimme’, I would carefully select a place to hide then settle into a motionless posture that I might remain in for extended periods of time. On this particular occasion, I choose to sit on the ground nestled tight against a thick row of tall cattails. Off in the distance, I noticed a very active young Black Crowned Night Heron juvenile jumping from branch to branch having so much fun exploring the wetland habitat. It looked like the bird was slowly making its way toward my direction. Closer it came, jump by jump, branch by branch, closer… closer… until finally, the bird was getting pretty near where I had been hiding for at least a couple hours now.

The place I had chose to sit was on a slope, my body weight was causing me to slide slowly downward toward a pool of water covered in green milkweed. “Be still!”, I told myself. I could not move a muscle and risk the opportunity of revealing my presence at this point… continued

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