Michigan Art Prints

Michigan Art Prints is the Wildlife in the Wetlands online art gallery to purchase your treasured Michigan wall art prints as gifts or for your home or office. This special Michigan art captures the natural and wildlife activities of the Michigan wetlands with an art style that brings a touch of indoor nostalgia of the outdoor wildlife experience. This Nature art is a result of many years or hiding patiently and in many cases motionless waiting for the perfect wildlife wetland moment as it unfolded.

Michigan Art Prints are carefully produced to recreated the Michigan outdoor ambience for all those outdoor nature lovers. This unique art is a personal crafted expression with the artistic effort to re-capture the spirit of the wetland for future generations. Art is the catalyst to help reunite the human connection back to nature. The Michigan art prints serve as a catalyst for creativity.  The creation of such that involves precious time and a commitment to share the benefits of nature with those who can’t visit as often as they should. I make the attempt to manipulate the art scenery to transfer a more natural experience of both artistic atmosphere, and emotions. This art will truly help you connect on a passionate level.

These Michigan Art Prints are the direct link of the “spirit of the wetland” to the inner “spirit of the beholder.”

Michigan Art Prints

Big Red “Banking In”

Experience the Nature

Not found in lakes, man-made ponds, or public parks, nor in zoos or pet farms. Michigan Wetland background noises created a cacophony of sounds that represents the unique voices found only in the many wildlife refuge of the wetlands. A myriad of different calls of bird chirps & songs, diverse of insects crawling, gliding and flying, frogs hopping, turtles relaxing watching it all, and birds of all types flying here and there…wetlands are a busy vibrant habitat. The winds & rain that dances along with the slightest breeze; graphically creates hypnotic patterns across the waters surface. The swaying trees and the rustling sounds of leaves, are all expressed in the poetic artistry conceived during art expressions.

Michigan Art Prints - Ant Farming -by Ike Austin

Ant Farming

Nature Creating Art

The wetlands are a result of time and movement. The skillfully stroked brush and handmade by the creator. Fallen trees are history lessons for the living. Fallen trees communicate many lessons learned that can relate to personal experiences of its beholders. Trees will share knowledge about their observations over time; wisdom of watching the heavens, and their observations of the Earth. Hear “Lessons From Trees” shared in ThirdSon and the River’s Sky.  This is a story about a young adventurous traveler who happens upon invisible beings that inhabited the strange sky down by the river. These beings opens his eyes of enlightenment, and he finally discovers answers to many strange childhood questions. these beings used nature to communicate, hence… begins his…  Dialog With Nature. 

Nature Art Michigan - Tree

The Fallen Dead is Still Alive

Michigan Art Prints Redhead Winter Duck by Ike Austin

“In Coming.”

Hope you enjoy the truly inspired Michigan Art Prints.

Michigan Art Prints

Michigan Art Prints – Tip of the Spear

Nature Art Michigan

Many people, both serious nature lovers and normal citizens has described an almost spiritual awareness when engulfing themselves in the environment of nature. The same experience has been expressed when viewing art; which is a representative snapshot of a slice of nature in a moment in time. However, this brief moment can re-capture all the emotions and ambience of the event from the eye of the artist to the canvas.  These Wood Ducks were captures in flight at a very low shutter speed of 100. Several frames were totally useless however, one frame was pristine in image quality. View more here…Nature Art Michigan 


Wood Duck Pair – Side by Side


Michigan Art Prints Ladybug

Ladybug – Orange on Black, on White



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