ThirdSon and The River’s Sky – A Dialog With Nature

A fictitious magical fable book of  useful truths.

As a kid, I spent an enormous amount of time down by the river. I was drawn like a magnet to the many sounds of nature that filled the air—the tides rumbling ashore, the faint call of seagull birds echoing in the distant background. I would remain down by the river all day under the pretense that I was fishing. I would walk the river shores for miles, moving from one spot to the next. I later discovered that the sky above this river was alive. I developed a special relationship with the CloudHost beings. They – the CloudHost – helped reshape my once naive thoughts into right angles of light that I might see the more helpful truths. FirstSons, First Encounter.


a dialog with nature thirdson and the river's sky by ike austin

A dialog with nature ThirdSon and the river’s sky by Ike Austin


The River’s Sky Beings would induce images of nature in my mind, then initiate thought-provoking debate. Which has led me on a quest of dialog sometimes with the smallest chickadee and hummingbird and everything in-between such as the Mallard Duck and the Great Blue Heron on up to the largest birds of preys like the Red Tailed Hawk and the Osprey. This adventure eventually led to deeper travels into the hidden forest of Jimme.

I learned much from many encounters with other life forms that help me to discover that man in his present condition is far below his potential and purpose. All those that profess to be men are not, likewise, all that appear to be animal are not. Birds are known as mindless animals where I come from yes, but in the land of Jimme’ these are beings, beings with important lessons and they are eager to teach.

They helped shape my thoughts. They would induce images of nature in my mind, then initiate thought-provoking debate. I discovered Earth is a much stranger place than what we have been told.

The clouds revealed to me they are known only by one known as DayStar, and that they respect only DayStar, and only DayStar know them by name…FirstSons.

Discussions with these beings were truly therapy for my soul.


Dialog With Nature

Dialog With Nature – ThirdSon


Dialog With Nature – A Message for us All. 
Every scenery that unfolds in nature has a message. Every view of nature has a lesson waiting to be transmitted to you. If a particular photograph attracts your attention, stare at it for a while, if there is a message from nature for you, you will start to feel something strange, a mysterious attraction of sorts.  Or, you might see images appear in your mind of old empires or lessons about fallen empires. Or you might get a jolt about parental conduct from looking at a photograph of a goose (this actually happened to me while observing a gaggle of geese one afternoon; nature transmitted a long forgotten lesson in our modern age about true parental duties of what it really takes to raise children). This rare experience could be mother nature reaching out to you to provide a solution to a personal troublesome issue or directly submit to your mind a needed esoteric message.

In Silence, I Hear Deeper Truths
The silence of nature has the effect to clean the mind of emotional pollution. Pure sounds and images of nature will alter your soul. When you come close to nature, stress is transformed to calm, you leave behind the noise pollution of life, you are now standing amongst the truly civilized. ”—ThirdSon

Certain types of scenery and exposure to nature will benefit your soul in a way that only nature can. A photograph can become an escape portal to deeper truths. Dialog with Nature is the librarian of the gate keeper’s most treasured dialogues.

I present to the viewing audience, photography that is truly therapy for the soul…  I invite you to… Dialog With Nature. 


Down by the river, There exists a group of clouds that react to my private thoughts. I learned that these entities are a multitude of invisible beings masquerading as clouds.The clouds would instantly turn dark at my more devious contemplations.
the clouds down by this river are alive.

the clouds down by this river are alive.

One clear and sunny day while at the river, the clouds suddenly formed and rapidly increased in size and speed. They then start billowing downward in volcanic like eruption across the distant sky and headed toward my direction. This antic exhibited a peculiar amusement on their behalf because I could sense their humorous reaction to the fear it had generated in the nearby anglers they all looking up in startled horror.
On another occasion, the clouds quickly descended from the sky surrounding me in a dense fog, restricting my entire view, except for a small opening below.
These clouds held me suspended in mid-air and looking down, I could see the river gently rippling pass just below my feet. The CloudHost initiated this event, for me not providing my strict undivided attention.
One very cold winter day while walking along a familiar path in the hidden forest of Jimme’, I have taken this path many times, passed many inconspicuous groups of cattails countless times. Only on this occasion, once again, the lessons of nature will reach into my mind and request my undivided attention… to a particular group of cattails; of which I began to sense they all had individual personalities… and they had an important life lesson to share with me this time around. I walked up to them and stood in silence, and I heard…
As you see us standing here today, in the middle of winter, we likewise stand just as stoic in summer. We bend with the blowing wind, we absorb the pounding rain. Changes in circumstance do not offend us. We understand life is a variation of circumstance. We have trained our inner being to be resilient in life and remain constant. There are many unpredictable exterior dimensions to one life. There is an inner universe of which you control.

Stoicism - Cattails - In silence I hear useful truths.

Stoicism – Cattails – In silence I hear useful truths.


On occasions, the clouds would rapidly descend to ground level reducing visibility to zero. Then just as quick, the clouds would dissipate. The CloudHost had transported me and some of the other anglers to a mystical forest. This forest contained a great abundance of wildlife. At first, when I turned to look directly in back of me, I could still see the reality from which I came but, upon deciding to take one-step into the forest, I was instantly engulfed all around. During long walks in this mystic place; I eventually learned was called Jimme’, certain things would attract my attention and the forest would communicate to me and the others in its own esoteric language. Sometimes even audible words would directly enter the mind.

It has been said, “man is never closer to God than when he is close to nature.” It is the spirits of nature that present the wisdom needed during life’s journey. My walk with nature has truly been therapy for my soul. I wish all who read these words, the same.

The smallest intricacies in nature are just as explosive as thunder and rain. Only in total silence do we hear their contributions.
—The River’s Sky


ThirdSon and the River’s Sky
Seagull -ThirdSon Down by the River’s Sky

Seagull -ThirdSon Down by the River


  • As a kid, I spent an enormous amount of time down by the river. I was drawn like a magnet to the many sounds of nature that filled the air with the sound of waves of tides rumbling ashore, the faint call of seagulls echoing in the distant background. I would remain there all day under the pretense that I was fishing. I would walk the shores for miles, moving from one spot to the next. I later discovered that the sky above this river is alive. 
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Dialog With Nature

Dialog With Nature – ThirdSon


A Dialog With Nature – I am my Future
From the one named Anus Platyrhnchos, a Mallard Duck, I learned that my present condition or circumstance from the past and into the future is a direct reflection of the knowledge I have accumulated in my mind. Anus disclosed that knowledge can have one to detect and avoid life’s troubles of which ninety percent of all our troubles are self-inflicted (due to a lack of vigilance) and only a small percentage is external. This encounter with Anus alone has changed my life like no other discussion. I now spend ninety percent of my attention on complex subjects to learn.

A Dialog With Nature – My Mind Control
The same can be said of Budo, Budo Virginianus the Horned Owl; the immediate control of emotion when excited, is key to life control which presents the opportunity for esoteric  learning. The result of all situations, the mind, and reality become one, and both are controlled by the trained mind.

A Dialog With Nature – Good or Good Evil?
Of Good and Evil; Does one ever know if one is in the presence of a good deity or a good deceiver? A good deceiver of men will go undetected by the deceived for thousands of years. A malevolent evil clothing itself in white is worshiped by all as a good and benevolent god. By those who lack the self-preservation and self-love to question faith and all gods coming in the name of god, particularly those deities that demand loyalty by blind faith and strangely enough, that need men to speak on its behalf. I encountered one such evil in the land of Jimme’ I could hear it thinking and it name was Ardea Alba the The Great White Egret.

One Sun Set in Jimme’
In the land of Jimme’ the Sun need no man to spread its own light, to speak on its behalf. No man can shine and speak directly to the soul like the Sun I encountered on One Strange SunSet in the forest of Jimme’. That evening, I saw the souls of men and a particular being whose name was Butorides Versions Green Heron. Standing in dialog with the sun?  Suddenly, the Sun started a direct dialogue with me. The Sun in Jimme’ knew my personal history like no other man, the Sun in Jimme’ was more interested in lessons learned from failure than punishment, do my daily efforts seek to discover some complex secret of nature, it asked, and did I give my attendance to the young and old while I’m about my daily business?

This Sun of Jimme’ did not ask for money, require tribute, but instead asked, did I give my attention to someone young or old!  This sun in Jimme’ is not like the sun that rises and set a thousand times in silence where I come from.

A Dialog With Nature – The One
A fortunate brief encounter with “Seven Heads of the One” enlightened me tremendously about what I am and an alternative to what life could offer mankind. I may have discovered why I am so fascinated and attracted to birds engaged in dazzling flight aerobatics and soaring high above the earth.

Firstly, we are not just one person, we are, several multi-tasking consciousnesses… my encounter with “the one, named one” what we have been taught is not the DayStar truth… A Hot Summer in Jimme’

Message in the Rain – Remembering Dr. Frederick G. Sampson
An opening of galactic audiences had occurred and I immediately saw an old preacher that had passed on years before. We hugged and I expressed how much I had enjoyed his sermons and would sure like to hear him preach again!  I am here for the same reason you are, he said. We are all summoned at this opening to witness the oratory of the one referred to as “distant thunder.”

This old favorite minister of mine did not know me personally during his physical lifetime (I use to sit upper balcony,  last row way in the back-never introduced myself, never even made eye contact, never was close enough to say hello, never even smiled at the man); but it appears now, in this far away place at this galactic gathering, that he is aware of the great admiration I had back then and still hold in high regard even now.


Nature Photography by Ike Austin

Nature Photography by Ike Austin


As always with these galactic congregations, a huge audience of spectators was in attendance. As we all stood in silence, a sudden rain  from the Jimme sky overhead poured down and pounded upon us from all directions; the oration began…

You are pummeled from the East with raindrops… are you offended? The orator asked.  The question was repeated for the West, north and south of wind blown rain forcing itself into our faces… after each discourse, he would ask… are you offended? Only this last time he added  are you offended “at a particular raindrop?”

With an even louder declaration, the orator raised his hand and shouted… if the rain hits you in the face from every direction… are you to be offended!

A long silence ensued, and shortly thereafter we all realized he, was, done, he was gone; an exit without pretense.

I looked around and observed that many great debates and analysis of the orator’s short message had already begun; high-spirited and highly excite, these discussions would continue for years and be boiled down to precepts for those unattended.

One group of individuals concluded that the direction of the wind blown water is unpredictable, this unpredictable offense is akin to the raindrops and are part of life. But, should these life offenses kindle emotional reactions? I think not, no, they in fact should not. Lessons learned are gained through the interaction of life, insults and offense reveal a hidden truth unabated by expert deceit undetected by true evil. Others seem to become fortified against the offense, realizing that they are capable of sustaining thousands of offenses absent… of emotional reaction, like those sportsmen who engage bodily pain and continue the next round without emotions of insult.

As the opening began to slowly close or dim, our eyes met and I bade the old minister goodbye, each of our own reality became more real as it superimposed itself upon our reality.  Unexpectedly, I heard one last  loud message echoed from distant thunder behind me, and I understood him to say… there is no need to magnify one drop of rain over the others, a thousand offenses are a thousand lessons learned.

As I sit writing down the message fast as I can, I am in wonderment at the rain in Jimme’, the rain in the forest of Jimme is unlike the rain back here at home. The rain in Jimme nourished the soul each time it pours from the heavens, where the rain at home would nourish the earth.

Let me also mention that during this message, in attendance , there were great and powerful beings (from suns a billion times larger that our own) who I understood did not require the protection and rewards of our preachers or feared self-proclaimed gods. During their travels, entire empires of evil scatter at they’re passing through. However, these entities stood far off from the rest of us, and one most intimidating individual standing even further than the rest of them, alone, also being pummeled by the rain; but not the least phased by the drenching, stared at me with piercing eye’s; I understood it to say… he, they, are so moved by the orator’s candidness they proclaimed… we have bowed to nothing, we have traveled a thousand universes and we only praise this orator of distant thundering. We feel fortunate to hear him; our hearts are with such persons; we extend to him to count our kingdom as his own.

Eagle High in the Sky

“Every time I have met the most powerful, I meet another.” —ThirdSon

After my recent long weeks of contemplations, sincere expression of osotua altruism(willing to sacrifice my greatly beloved wrong for a fallen’s greater pious hope), my raw integrity earned me favor of the Sons. They would signal that I would be granted the right to peer further into their esoteric, abstruse domain, to peer into their deeper truths.

They started by drawing my attention to a sign high in the sky.  I stared upward, looking hard, miles high into the blue at something small as a moving thread; occasionally taking on different formations. It flew so high, it eventually disappeared. It reappeared, still barely detectable; what is this thing up so high? I wondered.  I was soon to find out.

Bald Eagle Michigan

Bald Eagle Michigan

Within the next several seconds, the animated twisting thread would start a diving maneuver toward the earth; downward toward the area where I was standing. Like a speeding bullet, the thing descended, fast, faster, I could see a dark shape quickly taking form, like dark expanded wings, bigger… bigger… I could make out details of the wings… and BOMB! A giant eagle landed with a great earth-shaking thump. Life’s perspective—from the eye of a man to that of an eagle.

Dialog With Nature – Audience of Two 

This “quilt-of-many-colors” bird-like entity emerged from the pitch-dark void of animated silhouettes. This rare version of nothingness is referred to as, “known good darkness” (only from pure blackness, true knowledge of self is revealed).

The being continued gliding slowly and silently from the abyss, drifting toward a narrow sliver of light, then came to a gradual full stop, further used its power of shadow manipulation to conceal me from seeing its eyes.

Moments passed and among the two of us, no communication was exchanged, we both observed each other in total silence.  I began to sense this creature has cast its long shadow of influence in high places, extending far into the halls of power, across many distant domains.

Suddenly, the creature  created a secondary presence of itself in my mind, and drew my attention,  and then forcefully exclaimed… “may I have your undivided, attention, please“!

You have traveled a great star-light distance ThirdSon, several descent levels included, “he said”. Aix(as it referred to itself) imparted wisdom and began pulsating low whisperings in a tone that reverberated as soft, distant echoes. 

I understood Aix’s communication to mean…”words and actions continually speak to an infinite audience of two; which are, ‘the One,” and all children that you will ever encounter”.  Your words and actions are valuable only if, they speak to benefit this “audience of two”.

An assembly of millions is not of more value than these two.

“Discretion precedes the tongue”, Aix said.

ThirdSon, “If words do not benefit the young, they are in vain”.


Aix Wood Duck

Aix Wood Duck


ThirdSon – Deep in the Constellation of Jimme’
8th Octant, first level descent, domain of unspoken truth. 



Lessons Learned – Dialogues in the Forest of Jimme’

Nature Speaks – Nature Photography, Therapy for the Soul – Everyone can Hear

Nature Speaks  – Through Birds – Therapy for the Soul

Michigan Bird – Mallard Duck – Sun and Darkness Dialogue

Michigan Bird – SandHill Crane Ancient Feet Dialogue

Birds of Michigan – Great Horned Owl Dialogue

Birds of Michigan – Great White Egret Dialogue

Birds of Michigan – Green Heron Dialogue – One Strange Sunset in Jimmie’

Ancient of Days – Mind is Nature, Nature Heals the Body – One entity, two places at once.

ThirdSon and the River’s Sky


ThirdSon and the River’s Sky
“I discovered, Earth is a much stranger and sinister place than what we have been told.”

Michigan Birds - Great Blue Heron by Ike Austin

ThirdSon and the River’s Sky – One Hot Summer in Jimme’

Discussions with these beings were truly therapy for my soul. Some of what I learned from the Clouds that reside above River’s Sky and my journeys into the forest of Jimme’, I share with you in these writings and photographs.

remember the daystar.”

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ThirdSon and The River’s Sky
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ThirdSon and the River’s Sky
ThirdSon and The River’s Sky

ThirdSon and The River’s Sky

ThirdSon and the River’s Sky


  • As a kid, I spent an enormous amount of time down by the river. I was drawn like a magnet to the many sounds of nature that filled the air with the sound of the tides rumbling ashore, the faint call of seagulls echoing in the distant background. I would remain there all day under the pretense that I was fishing. I would walk the shores for miles, moving from one spot to the next. I later discovered that the sky above this river was alive. 
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