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iaustin on June 5th, 2016

Wildlife in the Wetland – Michigan FlyCatcher Phoebe, Kingbirds and Willows, Oh My! Sayornis Phoebe     FlyCatcher Michigan Wildlife in the Wetland The Flying Insect Flycatcher Late one humid summer afternoon in a Michigan Wetland, in the hidden forest of Jimme’, I saw small olive green-ish, yellowish bird land on a dead, moss covered tree branch; under […]

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iaustin on November 28th, 2014

Michigan Eastern Bluebird – Bird of Red, White, and Blue Sialia sialis   Framed by blue skies, and deep patriotic red, white, and blue colors; sitting colorfully looking out in serious contemplation, the Eastern Bluebird adorns the casual observer with a pleasing sight of beauty. Looking like a royal flag staked on a branch, high above the wetlands, found all across the state of […]

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iaustin on September 24th, 2014

Wood Duck – Michigan, Nature Photography Aix Sponsa   The question is answered…     Wood Ducks and Creation If Creation were racist—as all religions on Lower Earth secretly hope—the plumage of this Wood Duck would be all one solid color. Instead; there are colors of brown, beige, blue and teal, speckles of burgundy, red, […]

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iaustin on August 13th, 2014

Wind and the Rain     During loudest thunder, and mightiest of storms, I feel most at rest. Rumbling wind, trembling earth, bring calm to my soul. Incessant rain feels, good.   Volcanic heat, puts me at ease. Sharpness of thorns, and painful truths; painful, yet invokes humor.   Comfort a-nerves. Aches sooth. I gather […]

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iaustin on June 29th, 2014

Michigan Cedar Waxwing – Oil Dipped Wing Tips – Sitting on a Branch Bombycilla Cedrorum The most beautiful, handsome, colorful, mysterious, portrait, pose, of a Cedar Waxwing Michgan bird. Black masked eyepatch, autumn tinted bronze mantle, gradually, softly fades to grey. Master painted, oil dipped blood red, dapped on tips of secondary wings.  With brightest […]

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iaustin on March 5th, 2014

Of Ancient Days, I happened upon this being… Ancient of Days       Appearing in the forest of Jimme’ at the edge of the southern province, I happened on what I could best describe as the living ancient of days, the old one, the one who slowly… expressed itself…saying…”I am very, very old, and, […]

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iaustin on February 25th, 2014

Michigan Snapping Turtle Chelydra Serpentina     This old Turtle            

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iaustin on December 22nd, 2013

Hummingbird Archilochus colubris   Ruby Throated Hummingbird ———————————————————————————— Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan Photography that is Therapy for the Soul Michigan Birds

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iaustin on November 10th, 2013

Monarch Butterfly – Michigan The Most Beautiful Stained Glass Hand Crafted Sculptured Monarch? In one of my many excursions into the hidden forest of Jimme’ I would often find myself taking a turn and walking down an unplanned path. The path I chose this day was narrow, with tall grasses and loose foliage hanging along […]

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iaustin on November 3rd, 2013

Earth Nations – Dialog With Nature Other Nations, Other Kingdoms – Geese and Herons Messages From Nature | In the Silence A sunny, but rather chilly morning with a slight breeze… I stood in the hidden forest of Jimmie’ on a small knoll looking out pass several large trees. My sight fixated on a large gaggle of […]

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