iaustin on January 20th, 2013

Raptor Bird of Prey – The Redest RedTail Buto Jamaicensis The Redest RedTail Hawk Talons looks more like natures version of Automatic Knives for this large raptor bird of prey. The Red tailed hawk is one of Michigan’s favorite bird of prey hawks.  The mature redtail looks almost powerful. the chest can appear protruded & robust and if you […]

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iaustin on January 12th, 2013

Nature Photography – Michigan Belted KingFisher – The Blue Streaker Megaceryle Alcyon – to grieve Every Michigander should make seeing a Belted KingFisher in action a 2013 commitment.  Observing their fishing activity is both therapeutic and interesting to watch.  Firstly, the KingFisher quickly sends out a rapid machine gun like voice (KingFisher Call) to signal […]

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iaustin on January 12th, 2013

Michigan Belted KingFisher – The Michigan Blue Streak Megaceryle Alcyon  The Belted Michigan KingFisher  – Blue Streak Michigan is an elusive bird. The Belted KingFisher is swift in flight, quick on aerial maneuvers and one of the most fascinating and entertaining birds to watch when catching fish. When the KingFisher fish, it power dives downward […]

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Michigan’s Blue Heron One of the Most Photographed Birds in Michigan  The Michigan Blue Heron is often photographed as a silhouette, as a main foreground photographic subject, artist painted rendition, residential signage or photographed and submitted as contest entries.  The Michigan Blue Heron in one of the most prolific photographed birds in Michigan, this rather […]

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iaustin on January 1st, 2013

Bird Photography – The Nature of Birds I see greater wisdom in the eyes of some birds, than in the faces of some men —ThirdSon   The close observation of watching birds over the years has enlightened me in a way where traditional teaching has been void.  Bird activity and behavior has demonstrated that a higher […]

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