iaustin on April 28th, 2012

Wild Life Pictures – Red-Tailed Hawk Michigan I find that the best times to capture wild life pictures are early in the morning or early evening just before sunset. Interesting lighting effects can introduce striking highlighted effects on bird plumage. See wildlife photo of Red-tailed Hawk full wing spread. One afternoon basking in the early […]

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iaustin on April 14th, 2012

  Osprey Nature Photography – Michigan Osprey One Early Morning in a Michigan Metro Park I went Osprey hunting several weeks ago, based on the historical patterns that the return of the Osprey’s was imminent after a long winter. The early morning air was crisp and chilly to my hands and also it seemed to […]

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iaustin on April 1st, 2012

Michigan Birds – A Lesson Learned in Jimme’ I was standing one early morning facing the rising sun. Suddenly, a creature that was calmly gliding upon the surface of the water attracted my attention, it came to a complete stop and from a completed stationary position… exploded vertically straight up out of the water into the air. […]

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