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iaustin on September 24th, 2014

Wood Duck – Michigan, Nature Photography Aix Sponsa   The question is answered…     Wood Ducks and Creation If Creation were racist—as all religions on Lower Earth secretly hope—the plumage of this Wood Duck would be all one solid color. Instead; there are colors of brown, beige, blue and teal, speckles of burgundy, red, […]

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iaustin on March 5th, 2014

Of Ancient Days, I happened upon this being… Ancient of Days       Appearing in the forest of Jimme’ at the edge of the southern province, I happened on what I could best describe as the living ancient of days, the old one, the one who slowly… expressed itself…saying…”I am very, very old, and, […]

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iaustin on July 8th, 2013

Nature Photography – Michigan Flicker Flicker the Bird – Speckled, Multi-Colored, Michigan Wetland – Brown, White, Red, Black and Tan Colaptes auratus Michigan Northern Flicker – Gold Finger The Michigan Flicker is a true multi-colored, patterned bird. The Norther Flicker has a dash of red on the back of the head, a swatch of black […]

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iaustin on February 2nd, 2013

Michigan’s White Winter Wetlands Covered in Snow Ike Austin – Photography that is therapy for the soul   “Michigan White” –  Winter Wetlands Covered in Snow White skies, white trees, white bark, white branches, white bush, white shrubs, white cattails, white grasses, white woody plants, white plants. White landscape, white evergreens, white maples, white oaks, […]

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iaustin on January 20th, 2013

Raptor Bird of Prey – The Redest RedTail Buto Jamaicensis The Redest RedTail Hawk Talons looks more like natures version of Automatic Knives for this large raptor bird of prey. The Red tailed hawk is one of Michigan’s favorite bird of prey hawks.  The mature redtail looks almost powerful. the chest can appear protruded & robust and if you […]

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Michigan’s Blue Heron One of the Most Photographed Birds in Michigan  The Michigan Blue Heron is often photographed as a silhouette, as a main foreground photographic subject, artist painted rendition, residential signage or photographed and submitted as contest entries.  The Michigan Blue Heron in one of the most prolific photographed birds in Michigan, this rather […]

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iaustin on November 25th, 2012

  Nature Photography – Michigan Cooper’s Hawk One Early Morning in one of the Michigan Metro Parks… I went on my traditional weekend walk in the park several weeks ago. There appeared to be an unusual amount of predatory Cooper’s Hawk activity this Michigan fall season. This particular morning the air was crisp with a […]

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iaustin on April 28th, 2012

Wild Life Pictures – Red-Tailed Hawk Michigan I find that the best times to capture wild life pictures are early in the morning or early evening just before sunset. Interesting lighting effects can introduce striking highlighted effects on bird plumage. See wildlife photo of Red-tailed Hawk full wing spread. One afternoon basking in the early […]

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iaustin on April 1st, 2012

Michigan Birds – A Lesson Learned in Jimme’ I was standing one early morning facing the rising sun. Suddenly, a creature that was calmly gliding upon the surface of the water attracted my attention, it came to a complete stop and from a completed stationary position… exploded vertically straight up out of the water into the air. […]

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iaustin on February 16th, 2012

Birds of Michigan – Birds Eye View There is a sense that he who rules the skies, rule the land. In visiting the many Michigan Metro Parks over the past thirty-five years, and walking the many off the-beaten-path nature trails, I witnessed some of my most interesting sightings of nature and a plethora of birds […]

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