Of Ancient Days, I happened upon this being…

Ancient of Days


Ancient of Days - Snapping Turtle

Ancient of Days



Appearing in the forest of Jimme’ at the edge of the southern province, I happened on what I could best describe as the living ancient of days, the old one, the one who slowly… expressed itselfsaying…”I am very, very old, and, very, far away.”

I slightly turned, tilting my head, and narrowed my eyes to the thinnest slits so I could covertly peak to see if anyone was standing nearby; but, nobody was present.

After a long enough pause the being continued speaking… “‘I hear you”, it said to me in a low, slow, drawn out voice.

Then, there was a spell of silence.


Old Snapping Turtle

Old Snapping Turtle


I stood in astonishment because I could see the bi-present being right in front of me, yet, I felt a great distance unlike ever imaged, an incomprehensible gulf between me and the entity other consciousness. The ancient being was here in my presents and at the same time its second consciousness resides elsewhere (as I’ve said, in the mystical forest of Jimme’ powerful beings often present themselves as inconspicuous forest creatures.)


The bi-present entity knew of my personal turmoil and concerns over the past several days and spoke directly to my mind saying…

“Nature is the mind and the mind is Nature.

Nature can be in turmoil, or calm.

But, it is the calm that heals the body.”

I took this to mean…
It takes a period of time, maintaining three things in sustained condition to germinate a healthy seed/soul; heat, light, and moisture; any one element in scarcity, instantly the seed is ill-fated.

Within a few moments after this most inspiring dialogue with nature began, I sensed the presents of the ancient one diminish.
The turtle, then raised its head higher and spoke one word saying… “Archie!”

I interpreted that word to be related to…”remember the daystar.”


Nature is mind, mind is Nature
Calm images of Nature held in the mind, are healing the soul.

The mind that holds scenes of Nature, germinates healing the body.
ThirdSon and the River’s Sky

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