Images of Birds – Michigan, Birds of the Gods

One Strange SunSet in Jimme’ – A Particular Sun 

One late evening I was sitting quietly amist a deep thicket of shrubry, I had not moved the slightest for I had just awaken from a dozing off-nap.  When I opened my eyes I started looking directly in front of me and began to focus through the many thin branches crisscrossing in every direction. I saw a group of old men sitting motionless and soundless, yet they appeared to be transfixed and in communication with someone far off on the horizon.

I turned to look in the direction they all were facing and I saw a most beautiful sun set scene as I had ever witnessed. Lucky for me there were not many branches to obscure my few from this angle.

I too became gradually mesmerized by the huge, dimly lit orb of golden light that seemed to elicit a most inspiring awe of all who was privileged to behold. A spectacular display that drew the attention of man and birds alike.


Michigan Birds – Green Heron


This particular Sun that appeared in the sky of Jimme’ that evening was a thousand times larger than the one where I come from… Continue Images of Birds here at the nature-photography photo gallery.

Images of Birds

There is plenty of opportunity to capture many striking images of birds throughout Michigan during summer and winter months.

This Sun was magnificent! I realized I had not inquired of it’s name. I would

Michigan Birds

Green Heron Michigan Birds

later, in a most mystifying way in my encounter with the man who write’s on thin air, I would later in life discover the awesome identity of that, particular, Sun.

On one occasion, I spotted a large green bird perched up high in a tall tree sitting on a branch in full attention, dressed to kill in it’s Sunday’s best of forest green plumage, but what a most striking image of this Michigan Bird as it seemed to stretch and pose for the camera shot.


ThirdSon and the River’s Sky
images of birdsThirdSon and the River’s Sky


  • As a kid, I spent an enormous amount of time down by the river. I was drawn like a magnet to the many sounds of nature that filled the air-the tides rumbling ashore, the faint call of seagulls echoing in the distant background. I would remain there all day under the pretense that I was fishing. I would walk the shores for miles, moving from one spot to the next. I later discovered that the sky above this river was alive. 
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