Michigan Bald Eagle – The Most Powerful

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Bald Eagle – The Power

One solitary morning I was far off the trail deep into a secluded wetland.  On a previous visit to this remote habitat I discovered a pair of Michigan Bald Eagles nesting on the far side of the landscape.  Casually walking toward their location with my head down, in deep thought, with my camera gear shoulder strapped hanging at my side (trigger finger always at the ready), I was suddenly startled!  A huge shadow passed over me, engulfing my entire area, then another shadow just as large as the first glided over the ground.  I experienced a strange sensation, for the first time I understood how a prey might feel, to know  what it is like to become prey, to fear the shadow, to understand what a typical day might be like for the many animals that are lower down the food chain.



Nature Photography Michigan Bald Eagle


Looking up, I saw two large Bald Eagles directly overhead. I whipped my camera off my side like a cowboy in an old western, pointed skyward and started firing off a rapid series of camera shots that would have made the likes of old gunslingers proud.  The first Eagle had  already traveled a good distance, but I was fortunate enough to capture some good shots of the second Michigan Bald Eagle. This Bald Eagle was the one to focus on because it was carrying the remnants of a carcass from another bird that to me looked like the remains of a seagull.

Staring upward I continued to watch the pair of eagles glide further toward their nest with the bounty hanging, held tight in the grasp of those powerful automatic knives of the Bald Eagle’s called talons.


Bald Eagle Nest Michigan

Bald Eagle Nest Michigan


Eye of the Eagle

I began to wonder about the confrontation between the eagle and that unfortunate seagull. The eagle is giant in comparison to the gull, and outfitted with the ultimate destructive tools for engaging in war; powerful razor sharp talons combined with a double sided razor sharp beak. Not to mention flight agility that rival even smaller birds.

I was close enough to look into the eye of the eagle, it seems to become aware of my presents below and I could began to sense its mind.  The eagle had no fear of my presents… and I for that brief moment of contact sensed the words of omnipotence, and from the mind of the eagle it asked… what real chance does a gull have against one so awesome, fearless, and so equipped?


Bald Eagle Michigan


Dialog With Nature – The Twelfth Dialog

I understood that such thought provoking questions from the River’s Sky were an open invitation for a period of serious expansion dialogue, an exchange with nature, where nature itself would reveal unpolluted truth, a direct infusion to my mind.  As always, I was eager to engage the company of the many.

From this dialog, I came to learn about the true  esoteric symbolism of the eagle, the important meaning of the Bald Eagle and the Seagull as it relates to the smallest and the greatest of life’s scenarios; such as humanity and the other beings who’s domain exists far above and beyond ours, overhead, high among the stars.  Over long periods of time with this mystical sky, I would slowly come to know of many other kinds of men; their true powers, numbers, purpose.

Indeed few Seagulls have witnessed an up close sight of a Great Bald Eagle, but those fortunate to have only observed a great bald eagle at a safe distance, would no doubt be spiritually overwhelmed by the sight of one.


Bald Eagle


Nature Photography – Bald Eagle, The Powerful

In my earlier descents, I once saw the powerful. I saw one who sat in total obscurity, he desired no dialogue, nor sought tribute. He was meticulously scanning entire galaxies of existence. He detected my presents and was not alarmed. He did not seek my attention and I knew to remain un-disturbing to him. But, from his seat, he comprehends the going and comings of trillions, the rise and fall of galaxies. The fate of the largest stars were in his memory along with millions of galaxies as reflection in his mind.

This person, I saw that long time ago, he was and still is an unknown power to many. Now, some 50 years later, during my dialog with the many, the River’s Sky reminded me of this powerful obscure person… I am reminded of the Eagle and the Gull.


In silence I hear greater truth.

—ThirdSon and the River’s Sky

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About the Bald Eagle
Nature Photography – Michigan Bird Identification
Photo Taken: Lake Erie Metro Park
Group: Hawks and Eagles
Name: Bald Eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus


The Bald Eagle can have up to an 8 foot wing span. The mature(4-5 year old) bald eagle is adorned the infamous white crowned head. Brownish-black plumage front and back.

White crown head. Color is majority dark brown and black, female is same color no crown.

Flight Characteristics:
Slow wing flaps, several flaps then pause and soars into a glide once into flight. The Northern Bald Eagle is an aggressive and combative flier.

Habitat: The Michigan Bald Eagle prefers parks, lakes and wetland areas.

Nesting: Eagles will construct rather large nests. Made of large sticks and can measure about 15 – 20 feet across.

Nest Location:
Nests are located 40-100 feet above the ground at the top of tree structures.

Incubates 1-3 (white perfectly shaped round eggs for appx 30 days (1 month.)

Mating Habits: The Bald Eagle mates for life.

Feeding: Fish and small animals.

Loud and cankerous.

Regular Season: Winter at Lake Erie Metro Park


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Michigan Eagle Facts
Bald Eagle: Research and statistics, abundance and population, breeding, distribution etc. Bald Eagle Details and Facts
Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Bald Eagles and Michigan


Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan
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nature photography - michigan

Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan
Photography that is Therapy for the Soul 

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