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There is a peculiar emotion that can swell up inside you sometimes when you are walking among the animals of the wild. This emotion can cast a feeling of deep appreciation for the earth, water,  and even sounds of nature. The precious moment of emotion may last for an extended period of time or, it might be fleeting, leaving you with an incessant urge to try an recapture the feeling.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography - Bee Wasp

You will find yourself a loss for words to explain the experience. How does one describe when there are no words within the half-million or so words in the English language. You could say, I felt lofty, I felt as though an invisible weight I never knew was there, suddenly lifted from my shoulder. You might try describing a sublime serenity that eased over your mind as you causally  stood and became mesmerized by the flicking, shimmering thousand tiny reflections of light that bounced off the waters surface into your eyes. Before you knew it, as you slowly returned to reality from this transcendental state, a considerable amount of time has passed and you were momentarily disconnected from the cares of the world.

Your only hope might be nature photography.  A quick snap shot from a camera has the potential to capture the moment, or at least the physical aspects of scenery which can sometimes rekindle emotions you felt during the period.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography - Ancient Feet

Nature photography can be simple as using any off-the shelf, point and shoot store bought camera.

Taking photos of birds, animals and a scenery’s of nature is therapy for the soul. Whether you walk alone, with your spouse or your entire family, the walk among the open elements teaming with life and profusion will mentor the soul and mind of all who will be patient enough to let nature speak.

Ancient Feet

“I share the Earth, the Sun acknowledge my presents by casting my shadow upon the face of the Earth. The space the earth has granted my feet, is a covenant between me and earth, not man.”

“The silence of nature has the effect to clean the mind of constant noise pollution. Pure sounds and images of nature alter the soul, when you  come close to nature, stress is transformed to calm, when you leave behind the noisy hustle and bustle, you are now amongst the truly civilized.”
—ThirdSon and the River’s Sky

My walks with nature has truly been, therapy for the soul.

I wish everyone who view these nature photos, benefit in a way that nature intends you to. Visit the ThirdSon Nature Photography.

“Go, take your walk, give your undivided attention and listen to nature to learn what you must learn.” —ThirdSon

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