A Dialogue With Nature 

Therapy for the Soul 

Occasionally, when in discourse with the inhabitants of the sky that reside down by the river (this sky over the river is alive), I arrive in the Forest of Jimme’ via a dense cloud that in an instant can billow downward from the sky, surrounding me in dense fog and when the cloud quickly dissipates, I find myself standing at the edge of another reality, I am transferred to Jimme’.

Here in this place, the lessons of truth speak in silence through the minds of nature itself.

But, I write only part truths, because each grain of sand perceives truth from its own perspective.

Here is one grain more…

Silence Speaks in the Forest of Jimme’

In silence, I hear deeper truth.
Decisions – A path of mountains or rivers

nature photography michigan by ike austin
nature photography michigan by ike austin

Decisions – A path of mountains or meadows

This small blade of grass attracted my attention (it is typical  to dialogue with unexpected hosts in Jimme’) the blade of grass began telling me all about a barren tree off in the distance on the other side of a small body of water. I noticed that the tree’s bare branches jutted upward and outward in all directions, not to many branches, but just enough to get noticed from a distance.

This small blade of grass imputed the following thought into my mind;  A decision no matter how seemingly small will branch into eternal consequences. An individual can decide to do something self serving, but remember, a decision, any decision by anyone is grafted into the bark of the tree of all life. Your seemingly independent thought-choice, will affect the many lives that reside down the branch of your decision and alter those lives based upon your seemingly personal action or non-action.
Of Fallen Nations Built on Slavery

In the middle of my pondering  over the true seriousness of a simple decision, I was about to ask a question, but; the small blade interrupted my thought and injected its own; all decisions influenced outcomes. All decisions are root. Decisions affect not just you, your family, liberty of others, but will be the fall of entire nations. It said.

nature photography by ike austin - blade of grass

nature photography by ike austin – blade of grass

Lessons Learned – Dialogues in the Forest of Jimme’

Nature Speaks – Nature Photography, Therapy for the Soul – Everyone can Hear

Nature Speaks  – Through Birds – Therapy for the Soul

Michigan Bird – Mallard Duck – Sun and Darkness Dialogue

Michigan Bird – SandHill Crane Ancient Feet Dialogue

Birds of Michigan – Great Horned Owl Dialogue

Birds of Michigan – Great White Egret Dialogue

Birds of Michigan – Green Heron Dialogue – One Strange Sunset in Jimmie’

– ThirdSon and the River’s Sky






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